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Onboard fish handling

Onboard fish handling


Succeed in extreme conditions

If we can make it here, we can help you make it anywhere! We always have a plan, and even a backup plan too...

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More efficient factories

We design and deliver factory solutions designed for cost reduction and less manual handling

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Exceptional good quality

Our factories on board are a big part of preserving the high quality all the way from the ocean to the consumers.

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Succeed in extreme conditions

We know that it's vital for our customers to have equipment that is reliable and a processing facility that saves time, energy and money. We have proven that Optimar's automated systems are so robust we can meet these needs in the most extreme conditions on earth where every minute counts and downtime is not an option.

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Highlighted products

Freezing Rack Loader

Freezing Rack Loader

  • Infeed conveyor
  • Carton turner
  • Pushing arrangements
  • Elevator
  • Frame for 2 freezing racks
  • Turning disk - turret
  • PLC control system
  • Damaged carton detection


The rack loader is developed to feed standard pelagic fish cartons into freezing racks. The machine collects cartons from strapping machine, and feeds 5 and 5 cartons automaticly into freezing racks. Optimar freezing rack loader makes a stacking pattern of 3+2, 2+3, 3+2... , to create safe pallets. PLC controlled elevator
positioning makes the system very flexible, and easy to adapt any rack system, in construction phase.



Available option is boxpattern of 2+4 (1+2+1) for 10kg.

Technical spesifications

  • Carton size: 600x400x120 mm (option 600x300x...)
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Control system: PLC
  • Press air: 7 bar
  • Capacity: Up to 20 cartons/min