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New orders

by Mariann Dalseth | Nov 26, 2015

Campofrio FGH

OptimarStette recently closed a contract with the world’s fifth largest food manufacturer, Campofrio FGH. OS will deliver Optiblast for freezing of pork meat and a robot palletizer. OptimarStette competed against German, Dutch and Austrian suppliers, but OptimarStette’s innovative solutions won the competition. The new built factory will be located in Burgos in the north of Spain. Time for delivery is sat to May 2016.


Modolv Sjøset Fisk AS

OptimarStette has signed a contract with the Norwegian Company Modolv Sjøset Fisk. OptimarStette will deliver conveyor equipment and filleting tables for packing of fish fillets.


Sjømat AS

OptimarStette recently signed a contract with the Norwegian company Sjømat AS. OptimarStette will deliver several types of fish handling equipment for producing among others Spotted Wolffish.