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Monitor, manage, maximize processing

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Behind the screens, ahead of the times

Optimar Technician
What sets OptimarStette apart are not just the designs of our processing systems, not just the way we work with you, and not just the solutions that result.

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Power at your fingertips

OptiControl EasyTouch
Each automatic or robotic OptimarStette product has its own touch-screen panel to control its operation. The panels may look quite ordinary but, like the products themselves, they are unique.

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Connected, coordinated, consistent

OptimarStette’s control programs for automating processing lines sound almost too good to be true – they quickly pay for themselves, they keep doing what they do best, they are out of sight.

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Power in the palm of your hand

The software that runs OptimarStette’s automatic systems is as unique and advanced as the equipment itself. A robot, like ours in the circular center, is only as smart as the EasyTouch program controlling it and ours is very, very smart

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By machine, by line or by system

You can link as many OptimarStette systems as you wish to OptiControl NetCenter and you can adjust the number at any time.