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From expertise to innovation

Solutions, design and engineering

OptimarStette is known for it's ability to analyze technical challenges that call for a combination of engineering disciplines.

The depth and breadth of expertise needed to explore solutions for you is, literally, under our own roof. This expertise ranges from production logistics and design to civil, electrical and mechanical engineering to automation and programming development.
OptimarStette designs it's own equipment to interface with any other solution currently available. This means you don’t need to decide in advance the suppliers of your other process-specific solutions. It also means we can work together to choose the technology that best fits the product, the functionality and your price range. Our designers work with you to define specifications and a strategy for implementing them. We design and fabricate standardized as well as customized systems and we have a catalog of contacts to help you select other suppliers for other equipment.
To help make your plans a reality, our skilled engineers can serve as project managers if you need one, or they will work closely with yours if you have one. In either case, OptimarStette is your partner for the long-term. Flexibility, quality, and reliability define the goals of OptimarStette’s team of experienced, creative engineers. They work closely with you to find the best, most reliable, most cost-effective solutions to strengthen your competitive advantage.

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You are an expert at what you do. We are experts at designing automated solutions to help you do it even better.

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