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Accumulation and Delivery System of Porex Boxes

Accumulation and Delivery System of Porex Boxes

Optimar designs and manufactures systems for accumulation and delivery of porex boxes that includes all process stages:

  • Trucks unload
  • Dynamic warehousing
  • Boxes rationing from warehouse to packing line

The systems that Optimar designs and installs highlight because of the following characteristics:

  • Completely adaptable to different box sizes
  • High capacity of boxes and crates warehousing for automatic delivery
  • Equipments are positioned in upper floor or at the same level as packing lines


Systems are designed according to each installation requirements, considering disposal, area dimensions and packing line distance.


These are the basic components of this System:

  1. Accumulating conveyor for stack of boxes
  2. Automatic box dispenser
  3. Gravity conveyor for line feeder
  4. Conveyor feeder of boxes

Technical spesifications

Requirements of the system


Power supplies:

  • Electrical: 2 kW
  • Air: 20 NI/min