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Automatic an robotic line for fish identification and sexing

Automatic an robotic line for fish identification and sexing

The unique solution available in the world for sexing and separation of mackerels.

It has been developed in collaboration with top European research centers.

It is based on the world’s fastest robot on its class, the Quattro, and a colorimetric sensor inserted in the gonads of the fish.

This system integrates the highest technology in robotics and vision systems that provide an exceptional performance with a sexing efficiency over 95%.



Technical spesifications




Capacity:                   Up to 120 fishes per minute.

Speed:                       Adjustable

Fish species:               Mackerel


Operators:                 None


Working range:          Fish between 330 and 500 gr (2-3 per Kg)


Operating volume:     2880 Kg/h (weight mean 400 gr)


Water consumption:  Adjustable


Air consumption:        6 bar


Electrical supply:        3x400V+N+PE, 10A, 50 Hz


Material:                    AISI 316 Stainless steel

Dimensions:               4000x1800x200 (LxWxH)

Weight:                      Approx. 1000 Kg