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GRP 3500 ensilage unit

GRP 3500 ensilage unit

Ensilage unit with integrated grinder and circulationpump is an effective solution for making ensilage in the fishing industry. The ovale shape of the tank make a optimal sirculation in the ensilage with no dead points that can cause problems.
GRPG has a powerful grinderpump to grind, circulate and unload the tank. The system includes an automatic dosage pump for formic acid. The dosage pump secures the right Ph level in the tank, and is a secure way of handling the acid for the operators.
The inlet is as low as possible to make the loading easy, and the hatch is large to prevent spill when filling the fish into the tank. The tank is easily filled with 1000l standard bins. The outlet is equipped with a 4’’ valve.

Technical spesifications

Material                       Stainless steel aisi 304/316
Outlet flange                4’’
Acid dosing                 Standard dosage pump
Control cabinet           Stette software
Standard equipment   Fork lift pockets/lifting lugs