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GS 150 grinder

GS 150 grinder

GS150 Grinder is designed for grinding organic materials. The machine is developed for fish and has also shown its benefits in grinding potatoes, meat, vaste from slaughterhouses, bones, crabs, shells etc. The system is based on rotating knifes that crush and cut the product into pieces of 12x15mm using the standard knifes. The knifes and the casing is made of stainless steel materials, and can be used in very rough environment. For food processing the knifes is delivered as food grad, and the knifes can be delivered with extra strenght if needed.
The grinder is delivered with a electric cabinet and software to prevent damage to the knives and to prevent breakdown. The control is prepared for connection to other control systems, and emergency protection systems.

Technical spesifications

Model         Powerkw     Drive                  Capasity kg/hour     Weight    Voltage

GS150-300    4,4         Electric / Hydraulic           3000                  180    3x400 50 Hz
GS150-500    6            Electric / Hydraulic           6000                  290    3x400 50 Hz
GS150-600    6            Electric / Hydraulic           12000                350    3x400 50 Hz