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Net Service Station

Net Service Station

OptimarStette`s Net Service Station is the most effective system within anti fouling for fish farming nets.

The system consists of 4 main components as:

With OptimarStette`s Net Service Station you can handle process in antifouling of net in various sizes up to net volume of 24m3 (dry) . The process in the impregnator runs automatically until finished. The control system is developed for easy-to –use control and monitoring functions in one configurable module.
When the net is lifted out of the bag, it is in a drip-dry condition. With a closed circuit anti fouling system you will have no spill of antifouling liquid to the envirinment. The winch system makes it easy to lift in and out the net, and also move the net to other locations (depending on which applications that are chosen). A dry drum in connection to a adsorption drying unit, secure a dried net (ready for use) within 24 hours. The system is modularized.


Save production area
Reduce labor force
Reduce heavy manual handling
Reduce time for drying