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As OptimarStette’s largest freezing system in size and capacity, OptiFreeze Blast is capable of freezing up to 1000 tons per day of any product – from meat and fish to poultry and pizza to vegetables and bakery goods.

With OptimarStette’s track record of innovation in all types of freezing technology, it is not surprising that Blast’s design is so efficient it can generate cost savings in areas you haven’t thought possible as well as those you consider vital to your success. For example, Blast has proven it can:

> reduce the area required for freezing by as much as 50%.

> eliminate manual labour and forklifts.

> reduce energy consumption and costs.

> reduce packaging costs.

> has flexible freezing times.

> improve health and safety in the work environment.

> contribute to improving the global environment.

> ensure product safety and hygiene.

> guarantee product quality.

What is surprising, however, is the gentle, special care with which each product is handled as it moves through this big, fully-automatic system. This is OptimarStette’s way of helping you ensure that the consumer receives the same undamaged,
high-quality product you processed.

Technical spesifications

From 200 tons
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