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Optimar’s new environmental method for removing lice from salmon and trout is efficient and eco friendly. Without chemicals, using only warm water and a combination of flushing under and over water-level the new Optilice will remove sealice with great success. This product will help reduce what has become a big problem for the fish farming industry. 


  • High capasities. 100 tons/hour pr unit.
  • Continous flow.
  • Thermal water with flushing under and above waterlevel.
  • Oxygenation and watertreatment.
  • Fully controlable exposure-time.
  • Fully controlable temperature.
  • Filtration of all water.
  • Collection and destruction of sealice.
  • OptiLicer
  • Net pen OptiLicer
  • OptiLicer from OptimarStette