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Bulk Feeders and Tanks

Bulk Feeders and Tanks

Adaptable to any process for receiving, washing and grading.


Tailor-made design for each process: size and volume of tank, height discharge, type of conveyor, flights.


Multifunction. Extra equipment can be added according to the requirement of each Project.


Easy to clean. Equipped with tip-up bottoms and hatches for cleaning.


Robustness and durability, built with the best high quality materials, finishes and components that ensure a long lifetime of use even in harsh environments.


Buffer tank:

  • Sloping bottom for an easy draining
  • Cleaning hatch
  • Drain
  • Adjustable overflow level
  • Height adjustable legs



  • Measures and features can be adjusted to the requirements
  • Provided with modular plastic belt according to specifications
  • Removable sidewalls for easy cleaning

Technical spesifications