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Cleaning and Filleting Systems

Cleaning and Filleting Systems

Optimar filleting and cleaning system is designed and developed for fish and cephalopod handling, providing a single production control.


The disposition of all elements permit a neat and comfortable work for the worker, increasing his productivity. Stands number can be modified depending on the production capabilities.


  • Construction: Stainless steel AISI-304 and polymers


Consisting of:

  • Upper conveyor of polyetylene band
  • Supporting racks for raw material boxes
  • Cleaning tanks including polyethilene tables
  • Waste chutes equipped with valve and water lance
  • Rollers conveyors for boxes containing finished products
  • Lower conveyor for trays with finished product
  • Polyethilene modular band
  • One chute for general collecting of waste
  • One power and manouvre electric cabinet low voltage

Technical spesifications