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Octopus Beater

Octopus Beater

Designed   and  developed  to  achieve  a  perfect cleaning and beating of octopus through the  beating of the product submerged in a salted water solution, getting  the meat, strong  and flexible, the octopus is softened and moisturized for later handling and consumption with its full tasted.

Machine  is  served  with  a feeding  system and  a  bin with a recirculation  pump  and  an  evaluation conveyor that  filters the added liquid, returning it to the process, saving therefore

production costs.

Technical spesifications

·    Construction: Stainless Steel AISI-304 and 316.

·    Elevation system through elevator column or conveyor, defined with the customer.

·    Beating drums with waterproof and semiautomatic openning door, inside beaters.

   Dimensions: Ø 950 mm. x 1000 mm.

·    Automatic loading hopper to the drum.

·    Inner deposit with draining valve. Incorporates conveyor with polyethylene band.

·    Force and manoeuvre electric cabinet at 24 V including semiautomatic working program.

·  Power installed: 5 CV.