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Pre-pressing Station

Pre-pressing Station

  • Simplify the transport of blockframes/catering trays from the packingtable to the horizontal freezers
  • The frames are easily pushed into the horizontal freezer
  • Accumulates frames, equal to 1 freezer
  • Pre-pressing of fishblock before freezing
  • Reduces the unloading/loading time to 10 min. per freezer
  • Increases productivity, 11 sycles per freezer per day
  • 2 units cover 4 horizontal platefreezers. Each unit can service
  • 3 freezers. It can be pulled on rails, by means of a hydraulic winch

Additional products from Optimar, to make a system is Packing table, Lifting table, Blockejector and Auto ejecting system.


Technical spesifications

The unit is opened/pressed with hydraulic cylinders/control valves. The pressure is regulated with pressure regulating valve. Hydr. winch can be operated by separate control valve.


Size: To be adapted to the horizontal freezers

Plate size: 1250, 1550, 1750, 1950, 2150, and 2350

Materials: Stainless steel profiles

Plates: Extruded aluminium, welded waterproof

Hydr. cylinders: Seawater resistant brass, SS rod/piston

Hydr. motor/gear: Metallized steel

Oil pressure: Min. 100 bar

Wire: 12mm Stainless steel

Valves: Metallized steel / Stainless steel