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Turbot Gutting Machine

Turbot Gutting Machine

The turbot automatic gutting system combines the necessary actions and requirements in order to gut this type of fish efficiently.


This machine carries out the following functions in continuous progression:

·    Opening by cutting the fish’s belly.

·    Gutting by vacuum sucking.

·    Trimming of hanging remains.

·    Washing by sprinkling of the abdominal cavity.

The system has been designed for fish between 1,5 and 3.5 kg of unit weight.

The nominal capacity of this equipment is about 360 pcs/hour.

The main machine as well as the gut tank are manufactured in  stainless stell.


Technical spesifications


·    Air: 15 l/min. at 3 bars.

·    Water: 20 l/min

·    Electric Power Installed: 9 kW