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Optimar supply conveyors for many different taskes in the fish processing industy. From heavy duty conveyors in the receiving area on trawlers, to light conveyors for fillets and shrimps. Common for them all is that they are easy to clean, and to do maintenance.

  • Heavy duty, with stainless Steel belt
  • Heavy duty, with Plastic Module belt
  • Heavy duty, with PVC/Rubber belt
  • Medium load, with Plastic Module belt
  • Medium load, with PVC/Rubber belt
  • Light weight, with Plastic Module belt
  • Light weight, with PVC/Rubber belt

Technical spesifications

Available Drives: 

  • Hydr. motor with Stainless Steel shaft, and S. Steel coupling.
  • Electric motor with worm gear.
  • Electric drum motor
 Available Belts:
  • Stainless Steel, Conneycomb Flatt Wirre 
  • Plastic Module, 
  • PVC belt, FDA approved 
  • PVC belt, ”fishbone pattern” 
  • Rubber belt, Grip Topp
  • Manual deviders 
  • Pneumatic operated deviders 
  • Washing pipes on return belt
 Material:  Stainless steel, and PEHD plastic