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Desinfecta ozon system

Desinfecta ozon system

Desinfecta ozon system  

Desinfecta ™ uses ozone-enriched fresh/seawater to disinfect tanks, circulation systems, etc. in accordance with applicable requirements. Ozone also reacts on organic materials and helps loosen contaminants.
It is a fully assembled ready to install compact ozone system for different applications and volume of raw water. The Desinfecta™ system can be installed and operated within hours.
Ozone enriched water has the benefit of replacing the chemicals and hot water typically used in cleaning the inside of pipelines, tanks and external surfaces. The benefits are:


Mod.             Power    Voltage     Capacity    Tank Volume    Injector   Destructor   Redox
                     kw                           m3/hour                                                                Measuring
Desinfecta    2-10       3x230/400    6-300      200-1000        YES          YES          YES 

Technical spesifications

  • Benefits:
    Short payback period
    No bacteriological resistance against ozone
    Labor saving (less handling and storing of chemicals)
    Ozone management systems eliminates inhalation worries
    Ozone is not harmful to the environment
    Ozone is generated “on-site”.

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