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Stunning line for smolt

Stunning line for smolt

Stunning line developed over several years together with customers. Stette stunning lines are built for effective and gentle handling of the smolt. With internal sirculation of the anestesthesia and a system for preventing CO2 build up in the water, we secure fish welfare at the highest level. The system is delivered in several combinations to cover the needs for the user.
With the Stette stunning software the system is used unmanned, and the operators at the vaccining machines are also operating the stunning line. The automated system secures accurate holding time in the anesthesia, and all the fish will get the same treatment.

Technical spesifications

Material                         Stainless steel aisi 304
Water inlet                     DN 75
Water outlet                   DN 150
Capacity                        5000 - 15000 units/hour
Software                        Stette automatic stunning system
Additional equipment    CO2 decrease, O2 diffusor