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WHOOSHH - Transportingsystem for fish

WHOOSHH - Transportingsystem for fish

The Whooshh transport system is designed to improve product transport before it is packaged. Less wasted space, less wasted time, less wasted energy, and better quality and high value product yield. Replace expensive "hand carry" systems that utilize boxes/ totes (and associated cleaning costs), pallets, ice, forklifts,and labor By reducing these wastes we increase your operational efficiency. Measurable metrics all improve, such as: energy consumption, labor use, product yield per square meter and per employee. Simpler, gentler, and more hygienic product transport is now possible with Whooshh transport systems. We anticipate that our customers will realize a positive ROI in two years time or less – and in many cases much less. With Whoosh transport, set a new higher standard for quality, yield, and productivity. You can't afford not to adopt, regardless of your previous capital investments. 

Technical spesifications

Maximum length              200m potentially 500m
Maximum height              70m potentially 300m
Maximum incline              45 degrees
Minimum corner radius    2 m
Maximum feed rate         1,5 fish/sec depending on lenght -
Fish size range pr tube    3-8 kg and 7-12 kg (multiple tubes available)
Power consumption         5-20 kW
Cleaning time                  30 minutes

  • Wooshh System
  • Whooshh by OptimarStette
  • Whooshh by OptimarStette