Our Commander platform is the portal between Optimar and you. Commander gives us digital access to your installation and makes it possible for us to provide better insight and control.  The best decisions, both real-time and proactive, are made based on accurate information.

Commander Web Portal

Adding value to every level

With Commander Web Portal all documentation and communication regarding your installation are gathered in one place. You can easily find the documentation you need. And with notes, all service and support are logged and systematically saved online. This makes it simple to find information and dialogue from past communications. 

Digital Readiness Review

Adding value to every level

Systems integration is the key to an efficient factory, but knowing how to bring everything together in a single, unified solution is a specialist skill. Our expertise enables us to handle projects of every size and provide you with a highly qualified team of experienced engineers and managers. We look after every aspect of the process, from planning and design to purchasing, assembly and final report. Each step in close cooperation with you, the customer. Our aim is to create the best solution and give you the best value.

Why Commander

Automated reports


The right data to the right person for better documentation


Monitoring to make better decisions

Optimar Commander

Optimar Commander
What role does Optimar Commander play in all this?

The integration of the factory’s physical components is not the only important aspect. In addition, there is the digital element, an area in which we have taken a quantum leap in recent years with the development of our own proprietary software. It is primarily through this software that all the various systems are integrated.

Everything is tied together via a single control system, called Optimar Commander.  The data collected is used to continually monitor and optimize the factory’s various components. This has a direct impact on the bottom line, as well as providing environmental benefits.