Aquaculture Biomass Monitor

Makes it easy to estimate the size of
the biomass in the net pen

Online monitoring of fish welfare in the net pen

Aquaculture Biomass Monitor is the new generation fully automated sonar system for biomass measurement in the net pen aquaculture. The ABM collects data from thousands of fish per day to be analyzed and presented in customized reports. This will help the farmer to increase feed efficiency, detect fish weight, monitor behavior and vertical stratification, as well as giving an analysis of the daily growth of the net pen populations.

The technology is based on proven scientific split beam active acoustic technology, used for decades in for open-ocean fish stock assessment. Over 10.000 hours of net pen data have been collected, analyzed and calibrated with slaughter reports to develop the accurate fish size estimation software.

Why choose the Aquaculture Biomass Monitor

Optilice in action 2
  • Daily real-time summary reports, updated automatically and transmitted by Internet to feed barge operators and management
  • Can easily be integrated to Optimar Commander
  • Fully customizable software
  • Minimal disturbance of the fish
  • Easy to use

How the Aquaculture Biomass Monitor works

Optilice works

By floating on the surface, the Aquaculture Biomass Monitor gathers information from thousands of fish in the entire water column, automatically calculating the size, depth and swim speed for each fish detected.

The data collected is analyzed and put together in online reports – based on the data you have chosen to be measured.

Product features

Daily automated real-time summary reports include

  • Buoy-mounted system that floats on the surface
  • No components in the water column interfering with the fish
  • Fully automated, runs continuously
  • Requires no manpower once deployed
  • Detects fish from the entire water column
  • Large sample volume
  • Detects 50.000 +/- fish per day
  • Daily average fish size (kg) and size distribution
  • Real-time vertical distribution of fish densities
  • Real-time vertical size stratification of fish
  • Total fish detection list includes time, depth, fish size and swim speed for each detection
  • Early warning for escapement and behavioral changes

DT-X Extreme

DT-X Extreme is an autonomous portable scientific echosounder developed to expand your opportunities for data collection.


Product description

DT-X Extreme is based on scientific split beam technology. It works as an analytic tool for the fish farmer regarding fish growth, size distribution, vertical stratification and monitoring of swimming speed and other valuable parameters.

It can also be used as a portable system for mobile surveys to assess fish population, biomass and size distribution, or as an autonomous data logger for long-term, fixed station monitoring at rivers, dams or water intakes.

Product features

  • Scientific split beam technology
  • Internal storage for 30-days of data logging 
  • Multi-channel, multi-frequency capabilities
  • Programmable wake/sleep function
  • Splash-proof construction all stainless connectors
  • Internal WiFi router and DGPS
  • Extremely low side lobe transducers (~ -30dB)

MX Aquatic Habitat Echosounder

The portable MX Aquatic Habitat Echosounder simultaneously maps submerged aquatic vegetation, classifies substrate, and collects bathymetry data – generating layered, colored and contoured maps instantly.


Product description

The MX is developed with the goal of being easy to use. This is a complete hardware/software solution, packaged with unique processing and data visualization software. The entire system can be installed and deployed in minutes.

With integrated DGPS, scientific transducer, and a rugged weatherproof housing, the MX system provides a turn-key solution for rapid assessment of submersed plants and substrate classification. It visualizes your results like never before and enables synchronized echogram and map views.



Transmit Power:105 Watts RMS
Input power:12-18 VDC or 85-264 VAC
Draw:5 Watts
Fuses:1 Amp AC 1.5 Amp DC
Transmit source level:213 dB re 1uPa
Pulse length:0.4ms, Ping rate 5Hz
Range resolution:1.7cm
Accuracy:1.7cm +/- 0.2% of depth
Depth range0-100m
Operating condition:0-50 °C
DGPS positional accuracy:≤3m, 95% typical
DGPS velocity accuracy:0.1 knot RMS
DGPS update rate:1sec RS232 (GPS in/out)


Echosounder Unit:37cm x 26cm x 15cm (14.6” x 10.2”x 6”)
 5.4 kg (12lbs)
Transducer:8.4cm L x 4.3cm diam (3.3”x1.7”)
 1.36 kg (3lbs)
 Stem threads ½” - NPS



Do you want to know how the Aquaculture Biomass Monitor or the portable echosoundsystems can help you optimize your business and increase your profits?   

We’re happy to explain and show you how it works, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.