Visit our stand 2MB12 at Conxemar, and see our Electric Stunner for shrimps - the most effective and humane way to stun. We will also be presenting other innovative and sustainable solutions for your factory, both onboard and onshore.

The Optimar electric stunner for shrimps is approved by the Norwegian government and will support farmers in their work on animal welfare for shrimps in their slaughtering prosess.

Smart solutions for efficient and sustainable fish farming. We deliver a great range of products to the aquaculture industry and have put together a short summary of some of our solutions. Some wich are developed in the last couple of years and some wich has been on the market for decades. Have a look and contact us if you need more information.

In our 2022 Sustainability Report, we take stock of our impact on the environment and explain how we are contributing to more sustainable seafood production – worldwide – for the benefit of both customers and consumers alike.

Attention, seafood enthusiasts and industry pioneers! Are you ready to take your seafood business to the next level? Then mark your calendars for Aqua Nor 2023, the ultimate gathering of the aquatic world's finest minds and innovations!

The FangstID program is an initiative from the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries. The program aims to automate the registration of catches using new technology, provide more accurate catch data to the factories, ensure automatic quota reconciliation, and improve data for marine research. Now they have chosen Optimar as one of three companies for a crucial phase of the program - identifying relevant technology.

We continue to closely collaborate with our customers to develop the best methods for delousing. Our main focus is on fish welfare and safe operations, as well as helping our customers achieve higher efficiency and better quality.

– We wanted an identical factory, but at the same time, we knew this was an opportunity to make some improvements. Our experience from the past four years has taught us a lot about how our operations flow, shipowner Sindre Johan Dyb explains.

Come to our stand at Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona, and see our Electric Stunner - the most effective and humane way to stun. We will also be presenting other innovative and sustainable solutions for your factory, both onboard and onshore.

As animal welfare have become increasingly important within the industry, we aim to lead the way in implementing practices that take these issues seriously. Our goal is to make a difference through our products and expertise, and we believe that there are many opportunities available for us to do so.

Vi fortsetter å samarbeide tett med våre kunder for å kunne utvikle de beste metodene for avlusning. Hovedfokus er fiskevelferd og sikker drift, samt det å kunne hjelpe våre kunder til å oppnå høyere effektivitet og bedre kvalitet.

Come to our stand at Seafood Expo in Boston, and see our Electric Stunner - the most effective and humane way to stun. We will also be presenting other innovative and sustainable solutions for your factory, both onboard and onshore.

Myre Kystfisk will build the worlds first combined fishery- and stund and bleed vessel. With Optimar factory onboard, this will change how the fishing industry run their business.

High quality seafood products are made from high quality fish handling. From the moment the fish is brought in, it is vital to secure its wellbeing. Optimar's automated systems maintain a high level of animal welfare as well as the saving of time, energy and money.

desember 20, 2022

Another year has come to an end, and a new one is about to begin. It's time to reflect on the old one, before embracing the new. Looking back, we feel even more eager to create solutions taking better care of our shared planet and the species living here. Because this past year has truly reminded us that we are all connected.

Achieving a good flow in the factory is crucial to get the most out of a vessel’s capacity. With a higher degree of automation you will reduce the wear and tear on the crew as well. Retrofits from Optimar will uncover the adjustments necessary to realize just that.

Are you in the business of seafood farming? Then you know that there are clear expectations from customers, the environment, and the market in general - to handle and slaughter both fish and crustaceans in the most humane way possible.

All animals killed for food should be slaughtered humanely. This means that they must be effectively stunned, rendered instantaneously insensible, and remain unconsciousness until death supervenes.

september 27, 2022

We are ready! As the market situation changes, we want to be by your side to collaborate with these new challenges that demand more automatic systems that strengthen the safety of our customers. Hope to see you at Conxemar in Vigo, Spain - 4th, 5th and 6th October. Looking forward to good discussions and sharing our knowledge.

Earlier this year DFFU signed a contract with VARD, and now they have signed a contract with Optimar for delivery of a complete factory onboard, to be delivered in 2024. Optimar has a long history of delivering customized solutions for trawlers in the Barents. This is one of Optimar’s many areas of expertise, and to deliver this solution to DFFU is considered a declaration of trust.