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2023 wrapped – let’s go 2024

desember 15, 2023

It’s time to reflect, prepare, and hope – before entering the new year.

In this season for reflection, our belief in the power of collective impact has never been stronger. On March 28th this year, Marks & Spencer and Optimar joined forces and Optimar hosted the very first Animal Welfare Week in our hometown Ålesund. Customers, partners, and research institutions from the global marine industry came together to share insights and expertise on animal welfare.





In Optimar we strive to make a difference through innovative solutions enabling more humane slaughter methods – like electrical stunning. This gathering was truly educational and made us feel even more inspired and eager to develop products that contribute to a more sustainable future. 

All animals, including fish and crustaceans, can experience pain and suffering. To us, more humane treatment of fish and other marine creatures is an obligation. Even more stakeholders, customers, and legal requirements will demand well-documented humane solutions in the future. Animal welfare will become a way of work influencing all aspects of the value chain.

By sharing valuable insights and building lasting relationships with like-minded companies across the globe, we can make an even bigger positive impact on our industry. 

Enduring collaborations

We feel proud and humble looking back at all our delivered projects in 2023. In Optimar we are lucky to work alongside devoted clients always looking to improve the industry. Their determination is crucial to reduce footprints fast enough. 

As a market leader in the fishing industry and a part of the global food chain, it’s our responsibility to provide them with the solutions they need to do just that. We believe that the global focus on the ocean will help the industry go in the right direction and develop methods to better utilize the resources we take out of the sea. Let’s get to work and develop solutions for the future!


We wish you and your loved ones a peaceful holiday season and a Happy New Year. Together we create value for generations – because we care.


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