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januar 13, 2023

We have the systems and technology - let us help you to process fish and crustaceans more efficient and with better quality!

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Optimar is one of the world's leading innovation companies in fish processing. We offer technology and factory solutions in robotization and automation, to customers in more than 30 countries. Our focus is to help you with sustainable fish handling solutions adapted for vessels, land-based factories, and the fish farming industry.

As a systems integrator, we provide the time, talent and technology required to turn your vision into reality – from initial plan to completed project.





Fish handling with care

High quality seafood products are made from high quality fish handling. From the moment the fish is brought in, it is vital to secure its wellbeing. Optimar's automated systems maintain a high level of animal welfare as well as saving time, energy and money.

Our robust equipment can meet our customers' needs in the most extreme conditions, where every minute counts and downtime is no option.

No solutions are too small or too big!






Stun and Bleed system

Optimar Stun and Bleed solution, is just one of of our key solutions for fish farming. Our equipment for industrial processing of fish involves no chemicals and gentle handling in high capacity systems – both standardized and custom made. 





Feel free to read more about some of our sustainable systems here:





Feedback from one of our customers about the Optimar Electric Stunner


“We are very happy to work with this machine. We use it for the processing of our Claresse (catfish) from our own farm. Compared to other methods like on ice or bleeding to death this is the perfect way for us to process. Because the fish experiences no stress which results in a better fish meat quality (just like meat). Also the process is fast and much cheaper then, for example, ice. Less labor and ice costs.

It makes no sense for us to put a lot of effort and love into farming the fish a good and sustainable way and then at the end, process the fish in a wrong way. With this stunning there is no stress = good quality”.

Frank Foolen, Claresse Visverwerking B.V.




“We are proud to be the first company to have established humane slaughter on seabass and seabream in Turkey. We hope this will set an example to the fish farming industry that it’s possible to humanely slaughter seabass and seabream. Electrical stunning has improved the fish welfare but also improved product quality and shelf life. It has also facilitated the slaughter operation, especially during rough sea conditions.”

Karem Gksel, Sales Director SÜRSAN A.Ş.







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