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Meet us at Future Fish Eurasia Fair in Izmir, 3rd to 5th of November 2022

oktober 31, 2022

Are you in the business of seafood farming?

Then you know that there are clear expectations from customers, the environment, and the market in general - to handle and slaughter both fish and crustaceans in the most humane way possible.


The advantage of electrical stunning is instant induction of unconsciousness, and is clearly the best alternative for the industry, proven through several tests and studies. By using electric stunning you drive innovation in humane slaughtering and make a commitment to the welfare of fish and crustaceans.

In addition you improve the product quality as well as human safety, and obtain greater efficiency and reduction in labour in the harvest process.


Do you want to know more about all the benefits of electric stunning? Or how to stun in the most effective and humane way?

Sales Managers Mårten Jørgensen and Håvard Worren are ready to help you and answer all your questions!

They will be present at stand D6 Future Fish Eurasia Fair in Izmir, Turkey the 3-5 November. Whether you meet them there at stand D6, or where it suits you best around the world, it is in their biggest interest to help you with the information you need. 



Sales Managers



Electrical stunning instead of Ice Stunning


European sea bass, gilthead sea bream together with rainbow trout are becoming increasingly popular choices in European markets, and they want high quality seafood products. Nevertheless, today only 20% of the Turkish industry is using electric stunning! 70% is using ice stunning (thermal shock) remaining 10% is sold as live fish.

Ice Stunning which 70% of the Turkish industry still does is unacceptable, as the fish are left in ice slurry until they die through lack of oxygen. In some cases, loss of consciousness can take over nine minutes.



Read more about the most effective and humane way to stun:

Optimar Electrical Stunner product information


About the Optimar Electric Stunner at SÜRSAN A.Ş.

“We are proud to be the first company to have established humane slaughter on seabass and seabream in Turkey. We hope this will set an example to the fish farming industry in Turkey that it’s possible to humanely slaughter seabass and seabream. Electrical stunning has improved the fish welfare but also improved product quality and shelf life. It has also facilitated the slaughter operation, especially during rough sea conditions.”

Karem Goksel, Sales Director SÜRSAN A.Ş.