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Live VR demo of the freezer trawler Stornes at NorFishing

juni 28, 2022

Take a walk through the factory onboard Stornes in VR. When we use VR in close collaboration with our customers, we are able to detect bottle necks and possible challenges early in the engineering possess. Come and visit our stand to walk through different solutions onboard. 


Book a live VR demo at our stand 

Have a walk through the factory of the Freezing trawler Stornes from Nordic Wildfish. This factory trawler has both whitefish and shrimp line onboard, and we look forward to using virtual reality to take you through the solutions on stand. Maybe you get inspiration to your vessel and factory. 

VR Demo from Optimar

Stornes from Nordic Wildfish 

While waiting for the expo to kick of in August, have a look at the film we made in collaboration with the crew while they were unloading their catch in Tromsø. The factory trawler has been at sea for well over a year and the crew are happy to say that the factory delivers to it`s expectations. 

With a capacity at over 80 tons a day and a high degree of automation the factory takes good care of both end product and the crew onboard. Here the crew tell about their experience here: 




Smart and sustainable solutions for all vessels 

We are proud to say that we have delivered solutions for various types of vessels, both long liners, crab, surimi, krill factories and many more. We will be able to present many different solutions at our stand in Trondheim.

When designing your factory it is important for us to design and build with focus on long lasting solutions, with a high degree of automation. An Optimar factory onboard will secure safe work conditions for your crew and minimize heavy handling operations for every man and women onboard. 

We look forward to see you at our stand!