Navigating short-term gains in sustainable seafood: insights from Ombordfryst 2024

januar 26, 2024

In the ever-changing seascape of the fishing industry, Optimar stands at the forefront, steering towards a sustainable future. Recently showcased at Ombordfryst 2024, our Onboard segment takes center stage in addressing the challenges of decreasing fishing quotas and the pressing need for climate action.


Maximizing Short-Term Value

Ombordfryst 2024 served as a pivotal forum where experts convened to delve into vital seafood topics. From energy-saving initiatives to maximizing catch utilization, the discussions were crucial, especially in the face of diminishing fishing quotas.

At the heart of this dialogue was Viggo Brevik from Optimar, who presented a compelling perspective on overcoming climate challenges. Collaborating with C Food Norway AS, Viggo shared insights on transforming waste into valuable resources. "What do we do with roe, fish heads, livers, swim bladders? The waste we once just threw away is now good food. We can help you process and deliver it," he emphasized.



See the whole presentation at Ombordfryst 24, from Viggo Brevik here:





The takeaway: uniting for our oceans and marine life

The overarching message from Ombordfryst 2024 was clear: a collective effort is needed to preserve our oceans and marine life. In the midst of climate challenges, plastic pollution, and overfishing, the path to a sustainable seafood future requires united action.



How to achieve short-term value enhancement?

  • From waste to byproducts: explore the potential of turning waste into valuable resources.

  • Maximize product utilization: optimize the use of every part of the catch to extract maximum value. Optimar has the expertise to efficiently process these raw materials, enabling you to achieve short-term gains in value. Moreover, it's possible to elevate byproducts to new product categories, such as Products from C-Food Norway

  • Integrate new production lines: implement innovative and alternative production methods in existing facilities.

  • Upgrade your facility for better efficiency: consider assessing and upgrading your factory to operate at peak efficiency for the future. Optimar's Service and Support team is available 24/7 to help you navigate these upgrades and can provide critical spare parts when needed.



Join us in steering towards a sustainable seafood future!