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Ocean clean up at Kalvøya - Team Optimar preserving the ocean for generations to come

juni 4, 2024

At Optimar, our commitment extends far beyond providing cutting-edge fish handling solutions and processing equipment. As part of the seafood industry, we harvest significant resources from the ocean and often see the devastating effects of environmental pollution firsthand. 

We take our role as environmental stewards seriously, and together with Plastfritt Hav we are committed to keep the ocean clean. In 2019, Optimar adopted Kalvøya, pledging to clean up plastic and waste that washes ashore annually. This initiative is more than a corporate responsibility - it is a shared passion among our employees. Together, we remove styrofoam, plastic, glass, and other waste, helping keep the island clean. 


Every piece of waste counts

This year, our team again collected hundreds of kilos of garbage. Every piece of waste we pick up is one less danger for marine life and a step towards a healthier ocean. Our efforts not only help preserve the environment, but we also enjoy the bonus of spending quality time with good colleagues in the fresh air and beautiful scenery.



 Picture and film made by Kristian Roald Imagemaking



Small actions lead to big change!

We believe that everyone can contribute to a cleaner planet. As part of the seafood industry, we witness firsthand the harmful impact of pollution on marine ecosystems. That is why we urge everyone to participate - we can all make a difference. Remember to pick up even the smallest trash you see around you in nature. 

Optimar wants to thank all our employees who participated in this clean-up. Your dedication reflects our core values and reinforces our mission to create lasting value for future generations.



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Together, we can make an impact! Let us continue to protect and treasure our environment for a better future for all of us.