Optimar Spain

Optimar Spain ensures the crucial cooperation between clients, shipyards and system integrators

april 25, 2022

Over 30 years ago Optimar Spain was founded to fulfill a Norwegian contract at a local shipyard. Since then, our team in Spain has continued to use their expertise to generate great synergies in the heart of the fishing industry. 


Deep knowledge combined with high technology competence makes them your best ally for the industrialization and modernization of the traditional processes – providing value based on efficient and reliable solutions.

While it’s important with a close collaboration with the clients, working close with the shipyards is just as critical. Due to the location, experience and strong history, our Spanish team is able to secure this cooperation and deliver the best possible execution of each project.  

Close collaboration across borders


By being percent in Spain and collaboration close with our departments in Norway, USA and Romaine we share of our knowledge and experience for the best to our customers. 


What, how and why in Spain?