Rebuild of freezing trawler

Optimize the flow with retrofits

mars 24, 2022

Achieving a good flow in the factory is crucial to get the most out of a vessel’s capacity. With a higher degree of automation you will reduce the wear and tear on the crew as well. Retrofits from Optimar will uncover the adjustments necessary to realize just that.


– At Optimar we have system integrators well equipped to handle retrofits, even if it’s not our own products. Our team will gather the documentation we need to design the best solution, Sales Manager in Optimar, Biarte Andreas Hånes, explains.


The best design for a retrofit is based on thorough research. To make sure all measurements are correct, we will 3D scan the factory to get all the details if necessary.

– Small adjustments can have a huge impact on the workflow. We have years of experience with getting the most out of both small and large factories. Along with our customers we always find the solutions that work best for them and their crew, Hånes says.

Retrofits prolongs the lifetime of your equipment

Many may think that retrofits are for old vessels in serious need of an upgrade. Biarte tells us otherwise.

– When buying a used vessel, the factory is not designed for you. Even if it was built in 2018. By replacing some of the machines and making simple adjustments a factory can be tailored to your processes, he explains.

In addition, a retrofit contributes to prolonging the lifetime of your equipment. By taking care of what we have and optimizing the solutions we can achieve higher efficiency without changing out the whole factory. That’s why we describe retrofits as a smart and responsible way to step up your business.


Time efficient service

The Optimar team always focuses on time efficiency. Along with the clients we plan the retrofits to cause as little downtime as possible. Like when in the harbor waiting for fishing.

– Our team is key to providing the thoroughness and flexibility needed for successful retrofits. With detailed planning and a close dialog, we get the installation done in no time, Hånes explains.

On this trawler, Optimar modernized the factory and increased the freezer capacity. The goal is for the client to deliver more frozen products of a higher quality, at better profit.

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