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Sealed significant onshore contract in Chile

desember 15, 2021

Optimar recently signed a significant contract with Orizon in Chile. Orizon is a leading producer of sustainable seafood, and now they have ordered a factory with a high degree of automation from Optimar.



– It’s great to land such a momentous contract right before entering a new year, says sales manager at Optimar, Mathias Sandnes.

The team on Valderøya outside Ålesund is already in the process of pre-planning. It is an extensive factory they’re going to deliver. It includes everything from receiving and sorting fish based on size - to the packaging line. In addition, the process leading to pre-packaged fish in the freezer is more or less fully automated. Due to this, all details has to be accurate before the factory is built.
– Optimar is a system integrator and we have to make sure that our deliveries work well with the existing equipment from other suppliers. Our team collaborates closely with a technically competent team at Orizon to ensure seamless solutions, Sandnes explains.

Several large pelagic contracts in sight

– The pandemic has forced us to work with sales in a completely new way. The entire sales process has taken place across Teams and it is exciting to discover that it is possible to handle such a large contract with digital tools only, Sandnes says.


The pelagic market is developing rapidly and the contract with Orizon is only the first of several contracts for Optimar in Chile.

– We are proud to reveal that we recently secured three other contracts in the same market in Chile, says the Sales Manager.

For more information, please contact the Sales Manager in Optimar, Mathias Sandnes: