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The worlds first combined vessel for both fishing and Stun & Bleed, will be delivered by Optimar

februar 15, 2023

After years of research, drawing and planning, we are happy to announce that our customer Myre Kystdrift has taken the leap of changing how we run the fishing industry in Norway.


Myre Kystfisk is owned by Michael Lockert, who has the fishing vessel "MS Kystfisk" and is fully structured on whitefish. This is about to change! 

It is almost two years since Hans Owen Thunem, VP sales Aqua was contacted by Michael. He had heard about our Stun & Bleed solution and wanted to know more. 

Hans invited Michael onboard one of the Stun & Bleed vessels at our customer Brødrene Bakke, to see the solution in action. After a long night out slaughtering, Michael was convinced that this was the way to go.

Right after his night onboard, Michael called Hans and said  "This is the most expensive trip I`ve ever had".




Aquaculture and Wildcatch 

A combined operation between fisheries and aquaculture will utilize the capacity and facilitate the transfer of expertise between the industries. Authorities set different requirements for the specific industries, and this vessel will consist of the best from both.

The use of existing technology from aquaculture, such as our automatic Stun & Bleed line - including Electric Stunner and Gill Cutting Robot, will reduce the workload on the crew on board, ensure the quality of the catch, and reduce waste. 

We are happy to see that the two different segments continue to challenge the industry and learn from each other. Also, we are happy to support their initiatives, this is what Optimar do best. Taking the best from different markets and joining them in new solutions.



Optimar Commander Software

In order to meet quality requirements from the market with regards to traceability, food waste and quality of the product, our Commander software will trace the fish from the moment it arrives in to the factory. All documentations of every operation is transparent and ensures that all customers and partners have correct information at all times. 




How does it work? 


We are very excited to start this project together with local partners, and look forward to see this vessel in action. We thank Michael Locart for his trust in our solutions. 



If you want to know more about our solutions do not hesitate to get in touch with Hans Owen Thunem and his team. You can also fill out our contact form below. 


Hans Owen Thunem