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Service offerings – available 24/7

april 27, 2020

We truly believe in partnerships with our customers, where our goals are aligned with yours. We want to enable our customers to run high performing installations, solutions and products – and we do this through our unique, effective and tailor made solutions.

Service and Aftermarket in Optimar continues to develop together with our customers on the main stage. We are happy to expand our current offerings to meet your needs, while our current portfolio includes a wide range of services. Did you know everything we can offer you?

We are available when you need us through our 24/7 support

  • Critical spare parts assistance
  • Technical support, including remote connection troubleshooting
  • Unique access to product and system experts
  • Immediate mobilization for on-site support.


    We offer tailor made service level agreements to ensure maximum return from your operations

  • Prioritized support
  • Planned maintenance program for your facility and equipment
  • Routine inspections to identify potential risk of breakdown
  • Safety inspections to ensure a safe operation and compliance to safety regulations
  • Maximizing the profit of your investment by extending the life of equipment
  • Reduce the risk of large unforeseen service investments


    Unique access to original spare parts

  • Extended lifetime by using OEM parts – guaranteeing that you have access to the latest design improvements based on extensive experience
  • Higher uptime through availability of the right spare parts package


    And we can design services to fit your specific needs

  • Global distribution network for time efficient handling of spare parts
  • Personal designated Customer Account Manager to ensure that Optimar can provide the service your company requires
  • Combine modern technology into your existing machinery for improved profitability and increased user experience
  • Run process mapping for offering customized upgrade solutions
  • Optimar can provide customized training (in classroom or onsite)


Please contact us to discuss what we can offer you to improve your operations today!  (+47 951 08 000)