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We are ready for Conxemar!

september 27, 2022

Conxemar is ranked as one of the forth most important Seafood Exhibitions in the world - and we are happy to be part of this event.

As the market situation changes, we want to be by your side to collaborate with these new challenges that demand a more automatic systems that strengthen the safety of our customers.

Please let us know what your requests are, and we will try to give you our best option. 

Collaboration is the best way to innovate.

At Optimar we focus on the needs of our customers and it is often through open dialog and good discussions that new innovations appear. When discussing challenges, opportunities and future innovations - we find new ways of changing the way we work.

We will present some new innovations and some product developments that we have been working on. Very often small changes of product or production-lines can lead to more efficient workflow in the factory, better quality of end product and better profit for all. 

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We will be present at our stand with our team from Vigo, Spain - and we are happy to tell that some of our employees from the office in Norway will be able to travel and join the exhibition.


Hope to see you at Conxemar 2022, stand A-28.

Some of the products we will be presenting:



Cephalopods Thawing Tank


Conic Thawing Tank


Filleting and Trimming Line


Treatment Tanks Line




Care for fish and quality

High quality fish products are made from high quality fish handling. From the moment the fish is brought on board the ship it is vital to secure its wellbeing. Optimar's automated systems maintain a high level of animal welfare as well as save time, energy and money.

Our robust equipment can meet our customers' needs in the most extreme conditions, where every minute counts and downtime is no option.








While waiting for us to meet up - feel free to read about Optimar as the selected partner of Tesco when they focus on animal welfare in shrimp farming among their suppliers.