Mobile Grinder™

GS150-TF2P can handle the daily tasks in dead fish handling as well as being a emergency system. With a grinding capacity of up to 12 tons pr hour, combined with automatic acid dosing and a powerful pump for delivery directly to the ensilage tank, this is an unit that has great advantages in the fishing industry.

Optimar P7162-1 Still 03_4K_Alpha_v01

The model GS150 TF2P will be delivered as a complete unit with 1000l Funnel with lid, Grinder GS150(300—600), Control system, Acid dozing (option) and Pump. The pump capacity matches the grinder and can pump the grinded substance directly to the ensilage tank. The choice of materials used in the production of the grinder ensures long lifetime and little maintenance.


  • Material: Stainless Steel aisi 304/316
  • Outlet flange: DN75
  • Acid dosing: Standard dosage pump
  • Control cabinet: Stette software
  • Standard equipment: Fork lift pockets/lifting lugs



Optimar P7162-1 Turntable Transparent v01_00371
Optimar P7162-1 Turntable Transparent v01_00115


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