Brine Freezing Tank™

The Brine Freezing Tank is a solution for IQF freezing of small pelagic fish. By controlled loading process of the product, the product is immersed in the brine and with the correct permanence time the product is discharged fully IQF frozen. The brine is cooled by means of a coil where a refrigerant circulates.

Brine freezing tank 08

  • Continuous processing.
  • Can used for small pelagic fish.
  • Robust and modular design.
  • User friendly interface with recipes configurator for different kind of products included.
  • Easy for cleaning, included a lifting system for the conveyor to clean the tank inside.
  • Capacity up to 3.000kg/h.
  • OPC-UA connection included.



Brine freezing tank 07
Brine freezing tank 01
Brine freezing tank 03
Brine freezing tank 02


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