Circular Thawing Tank™

The Circular Thawing Tank allows thawing frozen blocks of fish and cephalopods. The product is loaded to the tank using conveyors on top, during the thawing process recirculation pump, water exchanger and air blowers helps to get the optimum product defrosted. Cold water defrosting process provides maximum product performance for the next process (as fileting), in this king of process the product defrosting is progressive and homogeneous.

Circular thawing tank 04

  • Batches processing.
  • Defrosted product transport by vacuum pumps through a pipe.
  • Benefit: Thawing tanks can be located in separate location of the process/production lines.
  • Can handle frozen blocks of fish and cephalopods.
  • Robust and modular design.
  • User friendly interface with recipes configurator for different kind of products included.
  • Semi-Automatic Cleaning Process included.
  • Capacity up to 22.000kg/batch.
  • Alarms notification system by email included.
  • OPC-UA connection included.
  • Additional equipments: Trommel filtering unit in the recirculation system.



Circular thawing tank 04
Circular thawing tank 05
Circular thawing tank 07
Circular thawing tank 01


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