Crab and Lobster Stunner™

Optimar’s electric stunning system is the most humane way to paralyze crustaceans quickly and humane. In compliance with European and Norwegian standards, the Electric Stunner renders the animal unconscious safely and in a stress-free manner.

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The Optimar stunning device is a solution to automatically transport animals in a controlled speed through an electrical stunning device, providing it in a paralyzed or euthanized state at the other end of the belt. 



  • Scientifically proven on animal welfare.
  • No use of chemicals, no residual waste handling needed.
  • Open cleanable design. 
  • Designed to work in wet environments with frequent cleaning.
  • Self-contained for easy installation and use. 
  • Low running costs.
  • Few moving parts.



  • Control Cabinet included.
  • 400V 3-phase 50/60Hz 25A.
  • Clean water 25l/min 20psi.
  • Conveyor size LxWxH = 2990x810x900.
  • Weight 400kg.
  • Control Cabinet weight 150Kg.
  • Capacity up to 5 tons per hour.
  • Also suitable for other medium sized crustaceans. 



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