Electric Stunner™

The humane way to stun. Optimar’s electric stunning system is the most humane way to sedate all types of aquatic species. Scientifically verified and in compliance with European and Norwegian standards, the Electric Stunner renders fish unconscious safely and in a stress-free manner.

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In use and validated for more than 15 years on vessels and in onshore processing facilities, the Electric Stunner has been used on Salmon (farmed and wild), Trout, Cod, Sea Bass/Bream, Catfish, Crab, Lobster, Eel, and more.

BENEFITS of stress-free stunning:

  • Can be used on aquatic species.
  • Large handling capacity.
  • Can be used with different types of killing options.
  • Minimizes stress in the fish.
  • Minimal maintenance.


  • Power requirement: 25 amp – 220 V, single phase power.
  • Capacity: depending on specie.
  • Designed specifically for safe operations in wet environments.
  • Self-contained for easy installation, use and re-configuration.
  • Open design for easy cleaning.
  • Safety features include:
           - Hinged top so when lifted the power is cut.
           - Alarmed.
           - Safety covers and emergency switches.
           - Stainless-steel water-proof control cabinet.
  • Automatic operation – no operator necessary.
  • Fed directly from:
           - Automated swim-in systems.
           - Holding pens.
           - Well boats.
           - Cooling facilities.
           - Conveyors.
           - Or, manual configurations available.



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