GR 1000 Ensilage Unit™

GR1000 Ensilage system is the smallest and simplest solution for effective grinding and mixing of fish to ensilage. The operator put the fish or fish waste in the tank, close the lid, and start the machine on a timer. Formic acid must be dosed into the tank to give the mass a pH level of 3.5. The enzymes in the fish will start to break down the cells, and the finished product will be a stable protein soup with no bacteriological activity.

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The lugs and the fork lift pockets makes it easy to move around to the best locations. The unit operates by a rotating shaft with 4 knives. The shaft is supported in both ends with stainless steel bearings. A good circulation is assured by the eccentric placed shaft. The outlet is equipped with a 3” ball valve. The unit is especially suited for smolt-production
and grow-out facilities.

It can be placed onshore, offshore or on a boat.


  • Material: Stainless Steel aisi 304
  • Outlet flange: 3’’ ball valve
  • Hatchsize: 550x350
  • Standard equipment: Fork lift pocket/lifting lugs/Timer
  • Additional equipment: Disage pump/unloading pump, funnel/lid. 



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