H6 AutoFreeze Batch™

Fully automatic Horizontal plate freezer for freezing of whole batches. It has a cleanable and hygienic design made for land-based use and in freezing environment.

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  • The freezer can be fitted with an semi automatic washing system that CIP-washes and wipes of the freezing plates.
  • The freezer is designed in a food safe manner so that product zones are protected from pollution and is easily cleanable. 
  • The freezer is equipped with a compact chain pusher (Optimar patent) that in addition to provide the infeed and outfeed of products also ensures the possibility to automatically empty the freezer for all frames before washing.  
  • Loading and unloading elevators runs independently from each other and are able to automatically adapt for varying freezing expansion within the plate stack. 
  • The freezer is equipped with an adjustable plate pressure functionality that improves the product contact surface and reduce the freezing time. (Standard pressure 0,7 bar/10psi on product). 
  • The freezer is equipped with a hydraulically driven kicker tool for loosening products that is frozen stuck to the freezing plates. The force and speed of the tool is adjustable to provide gentle handling of the product. 


  • Configurable number of stations (23 is standard). 
  • Can handle various frame sizes, and more than one frame size (Standard plate = 2450 x 1800mm but configurable).
  • Can be fitted both for CO2 and ammonia (CO2 is the recommended selection).
  • A full plate stack pressure mechanism ensures maximum contact surface and minimum freezing time. 
  • 30-50 tons per day depending on product, size, temperature requirements and type of freezing plant, plus the time between each batch to be loaded. Freezing time to be calculated and/or tested to decide final capacity. 
  • Loading and unloading is approx. 20 seconds per row (3 rows per station = 1 minute). 
  • Power 480V, 3 phase, 60hz. 15kW. 
  • Hydraulics 160 Bar, 60L/minute. (Two short peaks per hour approximately).
  • Minimum operating temperature is -34⁰c. 



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