H6 AutoFreeze CTS™

Fully automatic Horizontal plate freezer with continuous infeed and outfeed. It has a cleanable and hygienic design made for land-based use and in freezing environment.

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  • The freezer can be fitted with a semi automatic washing system that CIP-washes and wipes of the freezing plates.
  • The freezer is designed in a food safe manner so that product zones are protected from pollution and is easily cleanable. 
  • Equipped with a compact chain pusher (Optimar patent) that in addition to provide the infeed and outfeed of products also ensures the possibility to automatically empty the freezer for all frames before washing. 
  • The adjustable plate pressure functionality improves the product contact surface and reduce the freezing time. (Standard pressure 0,7 bar/10psi on product)
  • The freezer can optionally be equipped with “constant pressure”. This gives equal pressure also during loading and unloading. 
  • Loading and unloading elevators runs independently from each other and are able to automatically adapt for varying freezing expansion within the plate stack.
  • The freezer can also be configured for use as a batch freezer (multipurpose freezer).


  • Configurable number of stations (21 is standard). 
  • Can handle various frame sizes, and more than one frame size (Standard plate = 2450 x 1800mm but configurable). 
  • Can be fitted both for CO2 and ammonia (CO2 is the recommended selection). 
  • A full plate stack pressure mechanism ensures maximum contact surface and minimum freezing time. 
  • 60-100 tons per day depending on product, size, temperature requirements and type of freezing plant. Freezing time to be calculated and/or tested to decide final capacity. 
  • Loading and unloading is approx. 20 seconds per row (3 rows per station = 1 minute). 
  • Power 480V, 3 phase, 60hz. 15kW. 
  • Hydraulics 160 Bar, 60L/minute. 
  • Minimum operating temperature is -34⁰c. 


Technical Specifications




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