Optiflush Treatment Unit™

The provision of low-pressure waterjets surrounding the complete circumference of the fish body represents a gentle impact on the fish and the welfare of it. Combined with other thermal treatment systems, it reduces the temperature needed for efficient de-licing with approximately 2° C, and consequently it also increases the efficiency of lice removal if leaving the water temperature unchanged.

Optiflush V2 03


The Optiflush is constructed as an array of dewater units with flushing stations between each unit. The nozzles are placed on an outer pressure ring, covering the full circumference of the fish trail. This prevent the fish from coming to near the nozzles, at the same time giving the fish a 360 degree flush while it flows through the system. The Optiflush nozzles is designed to avoid clogging – which means that water speed and pressure is maintained stable at all nozzles, unlike with conventional flushing where fish may get damaged because of clogged nozzles as the still open nozzles are subject to increased water speeds.

See product sheet below for more information.


  • Available now as combination treatment with Optilice or other delicing systems.
  • Water consumption: 40m3/hour per fish tunnel
  • Water pressure perceived on fish body: <0,1bar
  • Capacity: 50-600 tons/hour depending on size and configuration.
  • The product fish welfare and de-licing effect have been documented scientifically by Akvaplan Niva.



Optiflush V2 01
Optiflush V2 04
Optiflush V2 07


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