OptiFreeze Z1

Scalable onboard system, made for automatic buffering and sorting of a wide span of different products.

Optifreeze Z1

Scalable onboard system, made for automatic buffering and sorting of a wide span of different products.

Z1 is handling standard master cartons from horizontal freezers. The system is based on fillet cartons from OPTIFreeze H1 and blast freezer and is automatically transported to OPTI-store. The system is automatically operated with scanning of label on cartons as detecting system. The system to be installed in a freezing room. 

Technical Specifications

Basic construction is stainless steel AISI 304
Plastic pehd 500-1000.
Electrical motors and gir.
PLC and sensors.
Touch panel


OPTIFreeze Z1 exist of these main systems:

  • OPTI-scan, scanning of labels.
  • OPTI-store, storing of cartons.
  • OPTI-transport, transporting cartons to correct store.
  • OPTI-control.
Scanning system installed on the conveyor line.
Scanning the label that as is manually installed on the cartons.
Information from OPTI-scan will be used for direct grading of the cartons to correct storage. OPTI-scan will be installed in stainless steel box.

OPTI-store, storing of cartons.
OPTI-store exist of a transport system for cartons from packing direct to automatically storing in the store and for automatic transport from the store to palletizing.
OPTI-store with 10-35 different storing racks, with space for totally 200-800 fillet cartons depending on carton size.
Material: AISI 304.

The transport system exist of a wagon with a combination of a conveyor and a lift system and will push the cartons into the store, and take the cartons out of the store and transport it to the palletizer. The wagon is made of stainless steel and is electrical operated. OPTI- trans is connected to top/bottom deck with doublings plates.(connecting points to be arranged by shipyard). Power and air supply at site is not included.

OPTI-control exist of a complete control system for operating the transport and storing of the cartons. OPTI- control will give an updated rapport what is in the store and will give alarm when a full pallet is ready. OPTI- control can also palletize mix pallets. OPTI-control is operated by a touch screen panel.


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