Glazing Machines

Designed and developed to achieve a perfect glaze of all type of fish.


Water temperature control and the possibility of conveyor speed regulation allow adjustment of the desired glazing percentage.

The glazing machine is equipped with an insulated tank, water circulation pump, easy cleaning filtering system, self-governing refrigeration system and a hinged conveyor to carry and discharge the product meetly.

  • Electric pump for water re-circulation and sprays
  • Electronic progammable control of the liquid temperature with probe PT-100
  • Easy to clean mesh type filters
  • Force and manouvre electric cabinet at 24 V
  • Vibrating system to avoid product sticking
  • Polyurethane insulated vat of 40mm
  • Tickness, being stainless steel plate sheathed
  • Conveyor with polythylene band
  • Coil exchanger, made of stainless steel AISI-316 tube
  • Self-governing refridgerating group

Technical Specifications

ConstructionStainless steel AISI-304
Refridgeration capacity
9.030 kcal/hr at 0⁰C
CapacityUp to 1000 kg/hr



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