OPTIMAR SQ16 180 Deg Outlet

SeaQuest 16in Fish Pump, designed for the gentle handling of live fish.


OPTIMAR SQ16 Fish Pump, designed for the gentle handling of live fish.

Patent Pending

400mm inlet & outlet.

Delivered in standard colour, white. (RAL 9016)

Available with the option of electric, or hydraulic drive.

RPM sensor mounted on hydraulic option, with M12 connection, for universal connection to 2-wire/3-wire type display units/controllers. (Not required for electric drive, since this can be got from the frequency inverter drive)

All parts in contact with fish are manufactured in high quality marine-grade cast Aluminium.

Where possible, steel components are sandblasted to a minimum of SA2.5 before a zinc coating is thermal spray applied for corrosion protection. With several layers of 2-pack polyurethane paint applied afterwards.

Well-dimensioned bearings support the impeller for prolonged use, with minimal greasing intervals required. The other carrier bearing for the impeller is composite based, and lubricated with seawater.

The pump is designed for the outlet to be delivered in 8 different positions, for easy installation in new/existing applications (0°/45°/90° etc).

The pump is started by pulling a vacuum in the pump chamber to fill the pump with water.  Once the chamber is filled, the impeller can be started, and the pump is running.

Universal design arrangement means that if the pump is initially delivered with hydraulic drive, it can be easily converted to electric drive at a later date.

The electric motor is delivered with heater included to prevent condensation build-up when not in use. When electric drive option is selected, the pump.

A airblast cooler is provided with the electric option for the reduction set between the motor and pump for prolonged/continuous use.


Electric Drive

Hydraulic Drive

Approx Weight



Max Power/Oil Flow Requirements


Approx 220l/min @ 210bar

Technical Specifications

Total Height (m) Suction Height (m) Presssure Height (m) Motor Speed (hz) Power Required (kw) Water Speed (m/s) Kapasitet m3/h
9.70 7.00 47 90 2.10 1,202
11.70 2.70 9.00 47 75 2.39 1,368
11.70 2.70 9.00 50 100 2.88 1,648
14.70 12.00 47 73 1.87 1,070
17.70 2.70 15.00 50 80 1.65 944
16.80 4.50 12.30 50 80 1.52 870
Diameter 0.45 m
Pressure hose 81 meter long Ø450mm, type Flat-Hose
Suction pipe Ø400mm, type PE-pipe
The flow meter connected to the pressure side (Ø450mm).


Optimar SQ16 Deg outlet
Optimar SQ16
Optimar SQ16


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