OptiTube Bleed and Chill™

With Optimar Optitube the fish is kept cold and in motion with water while it is bled out. The circulation is controlled to create different zones within the tube, providing a first in first out transportation, simultainious as it helps the fish bleed out more efficient and more gently.



The Main tube is first filled with water from the supporting waterflow system. After and during filling, a pump is providing waterflow circulation from one end to the other. The Main tube is to be filled with fish up to 65% of the total volume, and the fish will then be conveyed by the waterflow to the outgoing end of the tube. Water is injected into the tube via a series of nozzles that creates a special water current that gently pushes the fish forward. At the outgoing end it is placed a drum wheel which is gently lifting the fish out of the tube. The waterflow can also be set to idle mode in order for the fish to be stored for a set period of time.



  • Extremely flexible and built and operated for your needs.
  • Can be placed both inside and outside.
  • Dimensions from 10 to 100 cubic per pipe.
  • Up to three pipes per outfeed unit, where each pipe can run in each their mode depending on the present need (chilling, storing, bleeding, washing).
  • Capacity 70 tons per hour per outfeed unit. Scaled up outfeed units are also available.
  • In example a 20m long DN1000 tube will have a holding capacity of 16 cubics. The same arrangement with a DN1200 tube will hold approx 23 cubics. Additionally the outfeed tank will represent an additional 8 cubics of hold ing capacity, whereof upto 65% of the volume can represent pure fish.
  • Motion and cooling of the fish before and after gill cutting creates an efficient bleeding process.
  • Storing and buffering during slaughtering.
  • Flexible bleeding time.
  • Helps you emptying the receiving area or boat efficiently during production.
  • Helps preventing blood in the RSV tanks.

With Optitube there are almost no limits!



  • Standard outfeed rate is maximum 1000kg fish per minute. Higher capacity available if requested.  
  • Diameter = (Ø1,0, Ø1,2m or Ø1,4).
  • Length = up to 36 meters.
  • Fish filling rate = up to 65%.
  • Outfeed wheel = 8m3.
  • Number of pipes = 1, 2 or 3.
  • Bleeding time and capacity tailored to customer needs.


  • Main tube and framework built in AISI304 Stainless Steel. 
  • Stainless steel Outfeed wheel for 1-3 tube(s) 8m3 capacity, hygienically designed for gently lifting out processed fish.
  • Inlet valves at the start section of the tube, and for each 1,5m of the tube. 
  • Outlet valves included to control the fish flow towards specified positions to enable storing of fish within the pipe, or to increase the bleeding time.   
  • Circulation pump.


  • Valve for holding fish separated from the outfeed unit during storage.
  • Optimar Commander Web and Commander On-site.
  • Integration with RSW system for chilling and changing of water.
  • Retractable washing nozzles for automatic cleaning inside of the tube (CIP).
  • Washing nozzles for automatic cleaning outside of the tube.
  • Stand alone Control Cabinet controlled by Omron PLC and Optimar Software. Specific parameters can be adjusted from a Omron HMI panel on the Cabinet. 



Bleeding pipe x2 0
Bleeding pipe x2 210
Begge bleeding pipe left 3d


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