Automatic plastic packing machine for fish blocks. The machine is designed for use both on land and at sea. All used materials are stainless steel or other non-corrosive materials.

Plastic sealing machine

Products includes 
· Processing and filleting lines for cod, pollack and other major species of whitefish    
· Slaughtering and filleting lines for salmon
· Receiving plants and filleting lines for pelagic fish; weighing-and packing lines 
· Shellfish processing lines
· Icehandling-systems
· Automatic plate-freezers.
· Pumping systems for offal and biproducts
· Thawing-systems
· Belt freezers (IQF) 
· Freezing-tunnels
· Stacking and palleting

Technical Specifications

Technical data:

Dimension L x B x H: 2500 x 1500 x 2000

Infeed height: 865 mm

Outfeed height: 865 mm

Capasity Euroblock (530x530x75/100): Max 15 blocks/min

Plastic store: Space for 2 extra rolls

Air consumption: 55 Nlm

Air pressure: 6 bar

Power consumption el. motors: 3 kW

Power consumption heating: 3 kW

Plastic quality: To be approved by OPTIMAR




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