Soaking Tank™

The Soaking Tanks are focused on treatment of product with dissolution of additives. Depending on customer requirements, a soaking tanks solution can be defined with different types of loading or unloading systems. Using this kind of automatic solutions reduce the manpower.

Soaking tank example assembly 03

  • Batches processing.
  • Different types of loading/unloading systems, depending on Customer requirements.
  • Can used for cephalopods and shrimps (multiproduct).
  • Robust and modular design.
  • User friendly interface with recipes configurator for different kind of products included.
  • Semi-Automatic Cleaning Process included.
  • Capacity up to 1.000kg/tank.
  • Alarms notification system by email included.
  • OPC-UA connection included.
  • Include: Traceability system reporting all the parameters during the process per each batch number and saved them in a database.




Soaking tank 06
Soaking tank 07
Soaking tank 08
Soaking tank example assembly 01
Soaking tank example assembly 03
Soaking tank example assembly 04


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